Things to Do & Things to See

  • CYCLING : If you prefer cycling but aren't so keen on struggling with uphill climbs, there are many interesting trails in the lowlands of Sri Lanka that take you through a beautiful landscape of tea, rubber and spice plantations or even the ancient capital of POLONNARUWA .
  • BOATING : Boat riding is a very enjoyable activity to do when you are in Sri Lanka. It gives you an insight to the life of the people living along the river bank and also a chance to see the unique growth of plantation and the bio diversity integrated around the river region.Madu River in Balapitiya, Gal oya-which Etc..
  • Water Sports : While stimulating among best places for water sports, you will find the most wanted subjects in the world’s famous tourist paradise Bentota.
  • GOLFING : Sri Lanka though a renowned leisure destination for its mesmeric hill country, exquisite beaches, and fascinating cultural attraction of ancient cities and shrines is not a destination that readily comes to mind for a golfing holiday. If you look up the Sri Lanka Map you will learn to your delightful surprise that you can easily fit in three fabulous golf courses of all Asia located at three elevations.
  • SAFARI : We as Experienced Sri Lankan Safari Guides, offer Safari trips to true natural and un-spoilt out backs in Sri Lanka. With amazing visits to remote Sri Lankan Jungles, which wild fauna call ‘home’, we offer unmatched services at exclusive camping sites, where you get the best and original camping experience..
  • TREKKING & HIKING : For the keen trekker, there is a plethora of opportunities awaiting in Sri Lanka 's diverse and luscious hill country. The beautiful area of BELIHULOYA, located in the hill country of Sri Lanka , provides a superb base from which to try out a wide variety of trekking tours through jungle, across paddy fields and up mountains.
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  • SPA TREATEMENT : The Spa concept is catching on fast in Sri Lanka with internationally based Spa companies such as Angsana and Six Senses Spas joining up with local luxury hotels. Several plush spas with an Eastern touch have opened up offering a range of therapies that draw inspiration from the rich heritage of Sri Lanka’s ancient healing wisdom, offering Ayurveda, Thai and Shiatsu massages and aromatherapy treatments.
  • MEDITATION : Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in the third century B.C and become an integral part of the country’s culture with a majority of Sri Lankans following the Buddha’s teachings. Meditation is an integral part of Buddhism, practiced to achieve a balance of mind which helps alleviate the stresses of modern life. Meditation is conducted at most Temples and Buddhist centres across the country while some of the Ayurveda and Yoga retreats conduct guided meditation sessions as an integral part of their holistic wellbeing programmes.
  • YOGA : Yoga has a deep rooted history in Sri Lanka. It is practiced widely in Ashrams and retreats and now in a growing number of hotels, guesthouses, eco-retreats, and holiday villas around the island, often in conjunction with guided meditation sessions and Ayurveda therapies. Cheapest Lanka Tours is able to offer advice on the best Yoga retreats in the island. We also have a range of Yoga and Ayuveda-focused holidays.
  • YALA : one of Sri Lanka 's premier Wildlife destinations, home to many Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bears.
  • UDAWALAWE : The best place in Sri Lanka for watching elephants, reports say there are about 500 elephants in the park and they often roam in herds of up to 100.
  • MINNERIYA : Most Elephant gathering place in Sri Lanka, reports say there are about 600 elephants in the park and they often roam in herds of up to 200.
  • WILPATTU : The best place in Sri Lanka for watching elephants and Leopards.
  • BEACH : Beach destinations are the idyllic getaway from the daily grind for much of the world. A trip to the beach is the classic idea of a vacation for families, couples, and even singles. Something about lounging on the beach, soaking in the sun, and listening to the sound of the surf a worldwide appeal. The beach is the place to kick off your heels, dance all night, drink and eat a little too much. This is where you come to forget about it all and simply enjoy life.
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Lakes & Rivers
  • Waterfalls
  • ANURADHAPURA :Although people may have lived in this area since as early as the 10th century BC, Anuradhapura became a great city after the arrival of a cutting from the Bodhi Tree ('tree of enlightenment'), the Buddha's fig tree, in the 3rd century BC. The sacred branch was brought to Sri Lanka by Sanghamitta, the founder of an order of Buddhist nuns.
  • KANDY : Kandy is the capital of the last kingdom of Sinhala Kings & undoubtedly the most scenic city in Sri Lanka. The UNESCO World Heritage listed “Sacred City of Kandy” was established in the 14th century and is the second largest city in Sri Lanka. Kandy is venerated by Buddhists around the world and is visited by pilgrims throughout the year.
  • JAFFNA : the main city of Jaffna district (until the year 1824, the district was called Waligama) of the Northern Province is located in the northernmost peninsula of Sri Lanka. The Jaffna district is one of the 25 districts organized into the nine provinces, an artificial creation of the Colonial British (1815-1948) for the purposes of administration of the Island of Sri Lanka, then called Ceylon.
  • Dambulla : Located at an elevation of 1118 feet from the sea level rises a massive rock from the surrounding plains of Dambulla of 600 feet high and over 2000 feet in length. It is home to the Worlds most acclaimed Cave complex of magnificent Buddha Images and Rock Paintings of vivid colours and shapes constructed and painted from around 2nd Century BC (Anuradhapura era ) and continued up to the Kandyan era of the 18th Century. Sinhalese people call it as ' Dambulu Gala' ( Dambulla Rock) and the Temple is called as the ' Rangiri Dambulu Viharaya' (Golden Rock Dambulla Temple).